Elan Wingman 78 TI 2024

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Built for pilots looking to take performance to the next level, the Wingman 78 Ti has the stability and sweet spot that allows you to push the envelope.

When you need a reliable partner on the mountain, the Wingman 78 Ti is always ready to go. Designed and engineered with our Power Woodcore, Power Shell technology and Ti reinforcement to be strong and confident, a 78mm platform keep it nimble and quick, and the Amphibio Truline helps you link perfect turns. New for this season, the Wingman series is built using 100% green energy in the production process and a digitally printed graphic that uses less ink while reducing harmful organic compounds, for a more sustainable product.

BindingELS 11.0 GW SHIFT BLK/BLKLength Radius176 (16.2)SystemPower ShiftProfileAmphibioDin3 - 11TechnologyHigh Speed Gliding Base, Mono Ti, Power Woodcore, Amphibio TruLine Technology, SST Sidewall