Atomic Savor Gt Visor Stereo 2023 (In store only)

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Savor GT Visor Stereo is one of Atomic’s latest 2-in-1 systems for piste and all-mountain skiing – with visibility dialed up to the max. The Visor ID Lens integrates seamlessly into your helmet creating wall-to-wall visibility and protection against wind and snow. Stereo Lens Technology with nine layers of high-end mirror coating protects you from glare and eye fatigue and gives you 100% clarity. For comfort, Live Fit pads mold and surround your head 360° for an instant fit. And protection-wise, the Tri-Brid construction offers three layers of protection, including Atomic’s unique Holo Core that offers up to 30% higher impact protection than industry safety standards require. Feel great, see great, ski great!