Atomic Savor Gt Amid Visor Hd Plus 2023 (In store only)

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2-in-1 systems have taken off – and the Savor GT AMID Visor HD Plus helmet is Atomic’s greatest yet. Get the best of everything: HD lens technology delivers contrast in all conditions, while the Visor ID Lens integrates seamlessly into your helmet, creating an incredible field of vision and a wall of protection against wind and snow. This Plus model also includes an extra visor lens and everything is delivered in a 3D-molded EVA box. GT comes with triple protection: the Tri-Brid shell, Holo Core and AMID (Atomic Multi-directional Impact Deflector) technology inside generate up to 40% higher impact protection than industry safety standards. And all backed up by incredible comfort: with the Atomic Live Fit system and 360º size-adjustment adapting perfectly to your head shape. Less hassle, more everything else!