Salomon S/Max 120 2020

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The Salomon X Max 120 has been evo's biggest selling narrow expert boot since we can remember, and Salomon knew a successor had to be worthy. Not to worry, the Salomon S/Max 120 Ski Boots comes to market with the same great out-of-the-box fit (with a touch more instep height), more precise control, and drastically reduced weight. You heard right, the new S/Max uses Core-Frame reinforcement under the midfoot to stiffen the boot where it counts while shaving mass elsewhere. A new Sense Amplifier cuff provides quicker response and better snow feel. And the new Custom Shell HD plastics heat mold in a fraction of the time of the old boots. If you're shopping for a powerful alpine boot that doesn't come with the pain penalty of a race-oriented plug boot, check out the S/Max 120 and get ready to smile.