Elan Ripstick 94 W 2021 Tipsy Canoe Edition

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Created by women, the Ripstick 94 W is perfect for any adventure. You can trust this ski is the right choice, no matter what the conditions.

Don’t let the color fool you, the Ripstick 94 W packs a punch and was designed for women freeriders that are addicted to the mountain. It is the perfect match for ladies who are going after good times on the whole mountain. It will take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go in all snow conditions.

The design inspiration for Elan skis are of Canadian mountains. Rugged, big and bold, jutting like the Rocky Mountains, part of the design makes a big impact with geometric triangles of colour and depth. Smooth, layered, and plentiful colour mimics the Appalachian Mountains. Together we have elements of big and loud but also quiet yet impactful - resulting in a design inspired by the Canadian landscape as a whole.



Handcrafted skis 100% made in the Alps for over 70 years, created the W Studio in 2003 to develop the best women’s skis available. Sixteen years later, the Elan W Studio celebrates countless innovations the focus group has brought to life and looks forward to an exciting 2019/20 season with creating the skis with people who inspire. Our technology and innovation isn't just found in our adult models though. It reaches all the way to our junior lineup and delivers proven technology that helps younger skiers learn faster and have more fun.

Includes binding